Renal Cancer Patient Update

A few weeks ago, I discussed the case of a patient with metastatic renal cell carcinoma who upon arrival in my office for a consultation, appeared to be too ill to even consider further treatment. Determined to persevere, he provided us with a sample to test and underwent our suggested regimen. As was mentioned previously, the patient was delighted with his response and has now returned to many normal activities, including working out at the gym.

What I did not expect was to receive a letter a few weeks later from his treating oncologist in Northern California. He was thrilled with the patient’s “massive” response, even commenting that the carcinoma had reacted more like a lymphoma than the typically aggressive and non-responsive renal cancer. In fact, the patient is doing so well he is being considered for a kidney removal (a procedure that he couldn’t have possible survived just weeks earlier).

Working in tandem with treating physicians is a partnership that benefits patients. It is exhilarating for myself and my team to hear about such favorable outcomes.