Garlic, Wine and Chocolate – The Effects of Nutrition on Cancer

One of my most popular lectures is titled: Garlic, Wine and Chocolate. Not surprisingly, almost everyone likes to have a medical reason to eat fine food, drink fine wine and eat dessert. As an editor of the Journal of Medicinal Food, our mission is to examine the scientific basis of foods as medicinal substances.

In our inaugural issue in 1998, I authored the lead article on garlic as a medicinal. Garlic contains more than a dozen active chemical substances, many of which have been shown to have antiviral, antibacterial, blood pressure and cholesterol lowering, as well as anti-cancer benefits. We have also published definitive studies on wine and grape extracts, with a focus on resveratrol, proanthocyanins and other polyphenols; as well as an entire issue on chocolate (the extract of cacao), which examined the potent antioxidants and immune modulatory compounds found therein.

With this background, lectures on these topics have been a natural direction for our public education series through our affiliated hospitals and educational institutions. For readers in the Southern California area, you are invited to attend lectures of this type open to the public. Please leave a comment if you are interested in more information or copies of the above-mentioned articles.